Kimberley Garner On 420, Neymar’s Girlfriend Seems Concerned & Phil Kessel’s TBT Machine

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Happy 420 everyone. Those of you who blaze are in luck today because you’ll get to blaze & watch baseball, basketball and hockey. 420 on a Friday…LIT AF. And the NBA has figured out that a staggered schedule will give us that March Madness effect. You’ll be getting blazed and catch great endings from like 9:30-11. Royals-Tigers day baseball for you blazers out there.

Kimberley Garner for 420

Neymar is all banged up…looks like his dime GF is concerned for him

Tristan’s side piece resurfaces

Lips lock during NHL game

Phil Kessel fires up the TBT machine

Florida Man, 19, hits massive scratch off winner

420 local news bloopers…burnouts being hilarious!

Here’s Mia from Arizona

That Guy Can Take A Kick To The Stomach Video of the Week

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Burger of the Day

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