Lea Michele Gets Injected, Paris Hilton Breaks It Off With Former Toledo QB & Zion’s Latest Dunk


You’re going to get 50 college basketball games and one MACtion football game between Northern Illinois and Western Michigan. I’m sure there’s some NBA action and the NHL to keep you busy. I’ll recommend Auburn-Duke at 8 p.m. on ESPN from Maui. Trust me on this one. You’re going to see some hops in that game, especially from my guy Jared Harper.

Lea Michele gets injected

Paris Hilton in broken off engagement ring war with former Toledo Rockets walk-on QB

Uh oh, people think DWTS was rigged for country guy Bobby Bones

Recently fired Joel Quenneville does a shotski at Bears tailgate

Zion Williamson’s latest insane dunk

Here’s some classic Ohio State-Michigan commentary from an old time newsman 

Florida Men break into house, eat snacks and do some artwork

Here’s Pearl from Alaska

Looks Like That Table Is Out Of Commission Video of the Week

When you get accepted into #BillsMafia & want to show off at a Kentucky party

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