Listen To Lucas Glover Tell a 911 Operator His Wife “Has Gone Crazy”

Can’t get enough of Lucas Glover being married to an unhinged psycho? If so, you’re in luck because TMZ has obtained the 911 call made before his wife, Krista, was arrested and charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest.

In a minor twist, we learn that it was Krista who made the initial call to 911 and made quite the play by blaming her mother-in-law, Hershey.

“I’ve been attacked by my mother-in-law,” Krista tells the operator before claiming Kershey locked herself into a room after attacking bother her and Lucas. The former US Open champ eventually gains control of the call and tells 911 Krista is lying and “has gone crazy.” Listen to it all unfold below:

You know the story from here: Krista made a scene while cops tried to get her into a police car, Lucas told authorities she verbally berates him when he plays poorly, and the kids are probably traumatized because this is all went down in front of them.

To the dismay of many, Lucas has backed Krista on Twitter:

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