Lucas Glover’s Wife Reportedly Attacked Him And His Mother After Poor Performance at Players Championship

Lucas Glover shot a third-round 78 at the Players Championship, a result that didn’t sit very well with his wife, Krista. According to the Daily Mail, Krista allegedly went berserk on Mother’s Day weekend and attacked both Lucas and his mother Saturday, and was charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest.

Lucas took to Twitter Tuesday to acknowledge there was an argument and that “everyone is fine.”

Of course, Lucas is full of crap here because details of the incident indicate this situation is anything but fine.

The police report states Lucas’ mom, Hershey, intervened during their argument, which was a huge mistake as Krista went after her and left lacerations on both of her arms. In addition to physical violence, Lucas told police Krista calls him a “loser” and “p***y” whenever he plays bad golf. (Need I remind you Lucas won the US Open in 2009.)

And to complete the trifecta of abominable behavior, Krista made a scene when authorities tried to get her into the police car. She allegedly stiffened up her body and wrapped her legs around the door to make the task difficult. Once they were able to get her into the backseat, she proceeded to kick the hell out of the door.

Krista has since been released on $2,500 bond. We’re hoping Lucas is able to play a solid four rounds of golf at his next tournament.

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