Meet German Bobsledder Annika Drazek

Halfway through the women’s bobsled event at the Winter Olympics, two American teams — Elana Taylor and Lauren Gibbs; Jamie Poser and Aja Evans — are in prime position to medal, as they are currently ranked first and third respectively. However, if you’re looking for some non-Americans to watch in the final two runs, we suggest paying attention to German Annika Drazek (and her partner Stephanie Schneider).

They are just 0.4 seconds behind Poser and Evans for third, and came into Pyeongchang with eyes on the bronze (via the WestFalenPost):

“To get the bronze medal, that would be my absolute desire,” says Drazek and adds: “I want the medal, nothing else. This is clearly the focus, it tingles in the feet. “

Quickhits on Annika from her Olympics profile:

— She’s a former sprinter
— Aims to be a pilot after PyeongChang; she’s currently the brakeman
— Employed by German federal police
— Was originally a summer athlete but transitioned to bobsled after suffering an injury

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