Morgan Reid Still In Game Shape, Gronk’s Girlfriend Had A Nice Friday In L.A. & Kyrie On Top Of An SUV

Just another day in Southern Nevada

From the LVRJ:

A Henderson man driving what authorities described as a “homemade armored vehicle” and reportedly armed with a rifle stopped traffic for about 90 minutes Friday on a bridge near Hoover Dam before he was taken into custody.

Mathew P. Wright, 30, was arrested and booked into the Mohave County Jail, according to a release from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. He faces charges of obstruction of a highway; endangerment; unlawful flight from law enforcement; misconduct involving a weapon; and terrorist acts, the release said.

I’m sure Mat was just out for a spin and everyone freaked out on him. I don’t want to live in a world where a guy can’t drive around in his homemade armored vehicle and have a rifle at his side. You never know when you’ll need to go to war near Hoover Dam.

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