My Secret Source for Genius Styling Tricks

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I log onto Net-a-Porter every single day that I’m at the Who What Wear office for a dose of fashion inspiration. Not only does the retailer have an amazing section of new arrivals and a curated collection of up-and-coming designers scouted for its “vanguard” that I’m constantly checking out, but they also have incredible styling ideas that never fail to inspire me. For this reason, I find myself scrolling through Net-a-Porter on the regular.

In particular, I’ll go to Net-a-Porter to get ideas for how to style particularly challenging trends. For example, neon—undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of the moment. I watched the bold colors come down runway after runway this fashion month but still questioned if it was right for my personal wardrobe and how I would actually pull it off IRL. But, after seeing an electric green turtleneck layered under an oversize T-shirt with jeans over on Net-a-Porter, I began to see how I could actually pull it off.

Ahead, I’m breaking down more of the cool fashion styling ideas I’ve picked up from Net-a-Porter and will be testing out for myself for the season ahead.

First, secure it over your natural waist and slightly to one side.
Another way to wear it? Across your body, slung over one shoulder.
This faux-croc style from Nanushka is currently topping my wish list.
Cowboy boots are everywhere right now, but instead of stopping there, add a fringe suede jacket to your look to really lean into the trend.
Cowboy boots are one of the biggest trends of the season—especially styles like this with modern upgrades.
This cropped jacket is finished with fringe and the perfect compliement to cowboy boots.
If you want to wear your sweatshirt to the office, try tying it around a midi skirt to create a cool layered effect.
One of the most iconic pieces for the fall 2018 season.
Bike shorts have been getting more and more popular and show no signs of slowing down as a trend. If you’re planning on wearing them outside of the gym, add a belted blazer on top.
These act as the foundation of the outfit.
Then, add a blazer on top and finish the look with a waist-cinching belt.
Here’s a way to experiment with color in a measured way. I personally think it’s a great method for testing out the neon trend this fall.
This top has quickly become a signature piece.
The boxy shape is perfect.

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