NSFWBDs React To RG3’s Christmas Photo

RG3 Christmas card photo with his wife

via Twitter

Those of you who’ve been loyal through the years know my bucket list always included turning some piece of social media content into something that would lead to a NSFWBDs post. It’s the Holy Grail. It’s when you know you’ve made it. When the NSFWBDs feel your content is worthy enough for a full-blown NSFWBDs post, it’s resume material.

It happened last night — RG3’s Christmas card finally gave me that street cred with the BDs that I’ve been seeking for years. They finally went wild and we’re left with one of the biggest BD moments of the year. RG3’s Christmas card is a sensation that shows no sign of slowing down. I posted the photo at 8:30 Wednesday night, things went nuts and then I hit the couch at 11:30, went to bed 15 minutes later and woke up to my phone on fire. It went all night.

The NSFWBDs can’t get enough of this one. Just dive into the comments on the original photo and see for yourself. Go ahead and put this one on the Busted wiki page if it ever exists down the road 20 years from now. I’ve never felt better about my work here.

Thanks, RG3.

He could’ve at least brushed that shit

🤷🏿‍♂️ (@Trey_lee22) December 6, 2018

This what fucking with white women get you 😂

— smoove. (@muskithagod) December 6, 2018

Man what the fuck is RG3 doin… Nigga hairline look like his knee when he tore his ACL. Smh

— Tevin. (@TevvyTime) December 6, 2018

Hug your barbers fellas, can’t imagine my shit ever looking like what RG3 trotted out in that picture. The day my hairline looks like a chart from a lie detector test is the day I call it quits

— Zo (@Tweets_By_Zo) December 6, 2018

Nigga look like a Dominican Russell Wilson. RT @bustedcoverage: Got RG3’s Christmas card in the mail

— Tron Carter (@Dr_EZwider) December 6, 2018

This who be cuttin his shit😂

— king jaffe joffer (@AndreDrizzy) December 6, 2018

RG3 said fuck brushing his hair

— Smeezy Tarantino (@Smeezy_904) December 6, 2018

Man, RG3 really looked like he rubbed his hands around his head & said “fuck this shit”

— Picture Me Rollin’ Up (@Kartelnometry) December 6, 2018

His barber is a asshole

— January 29th (@Fat_Rell) December 6, 2018

RG3 shit look worse then KD’s and that’s not exactly easily outdone

— Instagram: J.Guilbeaux (@jguilbeaux_) December 6, 2018

This nigga look like he change 4 tires in under 15 minutes…by hand!

— Messiah (@MessiahVanguard) December 6, 2018

This nigga dresses like he on a 2003 black sitcom….

— NotSlickGravano (@thelonerang3r_) December 6, 2018

Niggas gotta quit letting whoever just cut they head

— stedman gibson (@sted_bailbonds) December 6, 2018

Its funny cuz we would expect this shit from Russell Wilson but that nigga turned out aight… RG3 now… 💀💀💀💀💀

— Sadbabii 🐙 (@imfakeasfuck) December 6, 2018

Never thought I’d see the day where KD hair wouldn’t be the most struggle shit I’ve seen. Then RG3 comes along

— Drip Hamilton (@Casanovaking) December 6, 2018

This why I love white women they accept the fucked up hairline

— ✭✭ DUCE-DUCE ✭✭ (7-5) (@DuceVasquez) December 6, 2018

Nigga barber lined him up with a Walmart gift card.

— Asap Virgo (@AsapVirgo) December 6, 2018

RG3 line is atrocious…shit gotta be at least a misdemeanor

— Rickey G (@Rickey__G) December 6, 2018

Stop posting RG3 hair. That shit is triggering. Nigga shaped him up wit curse words

— Tew Live Crew (@Angrymann) December 6, 2018

Nigga look like Sammy Sosa before the liquid spill

— TimmaDaFlippa🍳 (@Timmer_ferdett) December 6, 2018

That nigga hairline look like a play on madden

— Dubya (@pdubhtown) December 6, 2018

Look at how she holdin his hand lol she don’t want this nigga 😭😭 she can’t wait to make her great escape

🌚 (@yeahwhateverbih) December 6, 2018

never thought i’d see a nigga hair as bad as KD until i seen RG3 shit, do they not own a brush in that household???

⚜ 10-2 (@trellI__) December 6, 2018

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