People Are Not Happy With Jay Feely After He Posted This Prom Date Photo Holding A Gun

Ah, the classic overprotective father posing with his daughter and her prom date before he ships her off in a limo to get hammered have a nice night of dancing. You’ve seen this one a thousand times. It’s one of the oldest dad jokes in the book. The old “let me show my gun collection before you go and try to hook up with my daughter tonight” joke. Always a hit around this time of year.

You have to know this isn’t going to fly in 2018. The Twitter outrage machine is having a FIELD DAY with this one because we have a public figure involved instead of just some rando dad with a shotgun. I don’t want to get into a gun debate here, but you just have to understand the reaction that’s going to come with posting a picture like this. Especially if you’re Jay Feely because let’s be honest, a lot of people already don’t like Jay Feely.

Here’s a little taste from the people upset about this. A little sense of humor once in a while could really go a long way for them, but I get it. You can’t do this these days.

The real thing I think we can all take away from this is that dads need to start bringing the originality. Nobody beats a joke into the ground more than dads.

He did explain himself a little more this morning

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