Phil Mickelson Gives Up, Putts His Own Moving Ball

This is where we’re at with Shinnecock right now. we have Phil F’ing Michelson, a world-class golfer and multiple major winner, running after his ball and putting it while it’s still moving like a guy who’s a twelve pack deep on a golf trip with his boys. I’m not sure we’ve seen this in a tournament of this magnitude since our boy John Daly did it back in ’99 US Open.

I mean, we can all relate to Phil here. We’ve all been in a situation like this. It’s just wild to see it done at the professional level in a major. But that’s what Shinnecock is doing to these guys. It’s making them crazy. And it just cost him a two-stroke penalty.

At this point, I think Phil should just crack open a beer and enjoy the rest of his round. He’s already in an all-time IDGAF mode. Might as well smash a sixer for the final 5 holes.

Here’s Daly’s version

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