Police Looking For Thieves Who Stole Two Tractors Worth $50,000 From Scottie Pippen’s Arkansas Farm

Huge news out of Arkansas this morning: somebody stole Scottie Pippen’s tractors. I can imagine these stories pop up all the time in this state. People stealing farm equipment from one another might as well just be another Thursday. But throw in a former NBA superstar and now we have some national news coming out of the land of opportunity.

Who knew Scottie Pippen even owned a farm? I can’t imagine Larsa makes many trips down there. Apparently it’s a livestock farm that he owns with his brother. According to police, two tractors were stolen, worth a total of $50,000. One John Deere and one Kabota.

Details from Fox 16:

ASHLEY COUNTY, Ark. – The family of NBA legend Scottie Pippen is offering a reward to get back thousands of dollars worth of stolen farm equipment.

Scottie’s brother Billy says the theft happened two weeks ago on their farm on highway 425, south of Hamburg.

Two tractors, an orange Kabota and a green John Deere were taken.

“A three quarter ton to a one ton truck to and a flat bed trailer for this to be loaded up, so if anybody saw anytime during those hours somebody loading a tractor up or coming through town on a tractor, they are urged to contact us,” says investigator Mark Griever.

The family is offering a $2,500 reward.

A went and took a look at Scottie’s IG page to see if he spends much time on the farm and from I can tell that answer is a strong no. At least he’s not posting pictures from there, so I imagine he’s not getting down and dirty with the livestock.
Good news for Arkansas residents: you find these thieves and Scottie will throw you a nice $2500, in other words a down payment on a 3 bedroom.

screenshot via Fox 16

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