Priyanka Chopra Won't Wear This in Her 30s Anymore

It’s natural for your style to evolve over time, and ideally, it even gets better with age. Priyanka Chopra mulled that topic in a new Harper’s Bazaar video interview, ruminating on how her style has progressed over the years—including the ups and downs, the tight pants, and how she’s feeling about fashion in her 30s.

“My teens were more tight pants, ponytails, hoops, puffy jackets, hoops. I was that girl in the ’90s,” Chopra says in the video, revealing her the items she’s since given up. “Then came the 2000s and me becoming an actress. I started wearing everything: jewelry, clothes, hair, makeup. Then I realized I looked like a Christmas tree. Then, I backtracked and became too simple. And then I had to find my middle ground. That took a couple years, and that’s fine. I think I finally found my feet in my 30s, as a woman and as a fashionista.”

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