Proof the Perfect Pair of Summer Jeans Does Exist

Finding the perfect pair of summer jeans is definitely tricky. Who wants to be confined to a pair of fitted jeans when you can just wear a breezy floral dress and call it a day? Now that we think about it, are summer jeans even really a thing? Well thanks to Reformation, we can confirm they definitely are. Okay, so maybe also thanks to Emily Ratajkowski posting these Reformation Macgraw Crop jeans on her Instagram yesterday were we further convinced. 

Reformation is known for creating irresistible summer products, and these cropped striped jeans are no exception. Coming in two colorways, these button-up jeans are perfect for galavanting around town this season thanks to their perfect summer vibes. Between the light wash denim and the Fourth of July-esque stripes, these jeans couldn’t be more seasonally appropriate if they tried. Make like Emrata and pair yours with a babydoll T-shirt and simple accessories. Maybe even an extravagant flower bouquet or two. But first, you’ll need a pair of these perfect summer jeans, so we shopped them out for you below. 

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Available in sizes 23 to 31.
Available in sizes 23 to 31.

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