Ragnar Trail Recap and #MotivateMe Monday

Happy Monday! This past weekend I was lucky enough to be the team captain for my Ragnar Trail Cottage Country team, #ChekSquad, graciously sponsored by Sport Chek.  I may be a bit biased, but I have to say my team was amazing! Together we covered 192km of trails at Hardwod Hills Ski and Bike and finished with a time of 24 hours and 2 minutes, placed 29th overall out of 80 teams, and were 11th in our category (here are our results).  You know the trails are going to be tough when the words hard and hills are included in the venue name. My team consisted of myself plus 7 of the most caring, helpful, fun and absolutely incredible runners I have ever met. Runner #1 – Sherman Runner #2 – Becky Runner #3 – Me Runner #4 – Carmy  Runner #5 – Tom Runner # 6 – Juliette Runner # 7 – Erik Runner # 8 – Matt I was runner #3 which means I ran the three loops in descending difficulty order: Red (hardest) – started at 4:23pm, 8.5k in a time of 1:17:49 Yellow (medium, but in the dark!) – started at 12:11 am, 7.9k in a […]

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