Report: The Browns Have Actually Considered Drafting Two Quarterbacks

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Here we go! We’re exactly one week out from Draft Day and the rumors/smokescreens/BS have begun to ramp up. The weeks leading up to the draft always brings out the best reports. The Patriots have been tied to every QB from Johnny Manziel to Lamar Jackson to Baker Mayfield. You have Saquon Barkley’s people apparently wanting him to pull an Eli if the Browns take him. You have so many smokescreens that we don’t know what’s real or not anymore like we’re living in the goddam Matrix.

So here’s the latest wild rumor coming out today. Let me warn you: this one is a doozy and it is so very Browns. This what happens when you’ve drafted 800 QBs over the last 20 years with exactly zero panning out. You resort to actually considering taking two QBs with your two first-round picks.

The report comes from The Ringer:

I occasionally have to ask stupid questions for a living. This draft season, particularly over the last six weeks, I have asked multiple members of the Cleveland Browns organization—which owns picks no. 1 and 4, in addition to three second-rounders—what I thought was a very stupid question: Have you considered ignoring all norms and drafting two quarterbacks high in the draft? The answer is yes. The people I asked have thought about it, discussed it, and investigated it.

This is not to say it will happen, but the Browns have considered it. In fact, one person I spoke with could immediately rattle off every previous instance of teams drafting two passers high because he’d done the prep work on the idea.

Straight from the playbook of a sports radio caller. Only the Browns and Tony from Shaker Heights could come up with an idea like this. And you know what? I can’t blame them. At this point, they’re considering anything and everything to avoid adding another name to the infamous jersey.

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Any other franchise and this is a wildly irresponsible use of draft picks. Luckily, the Browns have more picks this year than any team ever. So go ahead and take Josh Allen #1, then maybe go for Johnny 2.0 with Mayfield at #4. Turn the internet upside down and get a 50/50 shot at a franchise QB.

If I know Cleveland like I think I know Cleveland, somehow they’ll end up taking zero QBs next week.

Browns fans seem thrilled about this


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