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Phil Ivey is back in the news and this time the Borgata wants his empire over edge sorting saga


The long-running court battle between Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino and professional poker player Phil Ivey continues to intensify as Borgata is now requesting permission from the federal court to register the judgment in Nevada, where they claim that Ivey has “substantial assets” approximately $100 million.

The motion comes after a New Jersey District Court judge Noel Hilman denied Ivey’s motion to stay enforcement of the judgment and said that he would be able to pursue further appeals only after he pays back the money he won from Borgata.

The legal battle between Phil Ivey and the Borgata casino dates back to a series of Baccarat sessions (April to October) six years ago where Ivey and his female companion Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun won $9.6 million and another $500,000 winnings in craps. The duo won the money through a controversial technique called “edge-sorting” which allowed them to find flaws in the pattern on the back of playing cards that helped them to gain an advantage while playing high stakes Baccarat. At that time, Borgata did not find anything suspicious, and paid them their winnings.

Go read the entire timeline. It’s fascinating what was going on with Ivey and his Baccarat run. Look, the casinos should go after the card manufacturer who produced cards that provided an advantage. Maybe they are, but they’re also going after Phil for getting any advantage he could get against the house. They should be shaking his hand for being so damn smart to come up with this plan of action. Only problem I have here with Phil is that he got greedy and took too much from the casino. Should’ve cut it off early and called it a day and paid his bills.

Do you enjoy casino stories? Have you read about how a guy robbed the Bellagio a few years back? If not, read this today at the airport. It’s a classic that I open up from time to time.

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The Warriors allowed 134 points, the most they’ve allowed at home in regulation since March 15, 2009 against the Suns (154 points).

2 days later, Stephen Curry’s Davidson team would beat South Carolina in an NIT game.

He was drafted by the Warriors in June of 2009.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) November 9, 2018

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