Shop the Sunglasses Trend Slowly But Surely Taking Over

Is it just us, or can you sense the warmer weather approaching just by the sheer amount of summer trends emerging? Lately, we’ve noticed a certain sunglasses style that’s about to be everywhere very soon, and it’s been making us crave summer more than ever. If the past few seasons were dominated by cat-eye and ultra-skinny sunglass shapes, then we’re betting that in just a few months’ time, colored translucent shades will be the only look that matters.

We first noticed the trend—where else?—on Instagram. At first we wondered how a pair of sunglasses so lightly tinted could actually be functional. And then we remembered because, well, fashion. Despite maybe not providing your eyes with the utmost sun protection, we can’t deny how cool a pair of light-tint sunglasses in a pretty pastel hue looks. With so many colors to choose from when it comes to this trend, we went ahead and pulled our favorites. From pretty purple to reddish pink and sunny yellow, see the season’s most stylish light-tint sunglasses below.

Next up: Did you know it was considered rude to wear sunglasses in these situations? Neither did we.

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