Slick Woods Gave Us Style Advice We'd Never Heard Before

If you’ve ever felt a little overwhelmed trying to choose between clothing options and which trends to partake in or pass on, imagine what it must be like for a model? Their profession calls for wearing anything, everything, and whatever they’re told to for a specific client. However, when Who What Wear had a chance to speak with Slick Woods last weekend during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Story #WeWonder event where she joined a panel of other creatives to discuss fashion and music though the lens of youth, it became clear that she has a true sense of who she is when it comes to style, even if her job allows her to be a bit of a chameleon.

“I think this is really important,” she said of finding personal style. As a member of Mercedes’s collective which brings together creatives such as Solange Knowles and Opening Ceremony founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon to speak on topics close to their own hearts, she explained that those who are seeking their identity in fashion can find some clarity “once people understand that self-love is a relationship,” she said. “You get into an argument sometimes and you don’t speak for a couple days. You might get sad, and it’s okay to not be okay. Once you understand that self-love is a relationship, everything comes way easier.”

That said, Woods is not exactly your average member of Gen Z, with her meteoric rise to modeling for the likes of Rihanna’s Fenty and Fenty Beauty, appearing in the Pirelli Calendar, and it doesn’t hurt that Vogue called her “the Face of the New American Style.” And since the model, with her signature gap-tooth smile, buzz-cut hair, and uncensored attitude, has such a specific and strong sense of style, we asked her to tell us who she’s obsessed with and wearing the most right now outside of work.

“My [favorite] designers are actually friends of mine, like Caleb Thomas who makes these sick sequined do-rags. He puts a lot of money into them and puts satin inside and all these sequins—super shiny,” she says. “He made it into a crown—something black men use to make their waves at night. Like how Rihanna wore a Swarovski one for the CFDA awards. It’s the same thing. I like that type of stuff. I like people who don’t gentrify—they bring something fresh. LaQuan Smith does that a lot too.” As for her everyday style, however, she says there are three specific brands that she swears by: “Richardson, Carhartt, and Fenty.”

If you find Wood’s wardrobe as inspiring as her advice, keep scrolling for picks from her favorite labels.

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