Sophie Mudd Gets Together With A Friend, Joel Embiid’s Message To The Ladies & AHLers Go Hard

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Will Johnny Manziel make his CFL debut tonight for Hamilton in Calgary? That’s the big question at 7 on ESPN2. You’ll also get a late one between Montreal & British Columbia at 10 EST. Plus the U.S. Open will be on all day. And World Cup. That should keep you plenty busy.

Sophie Mudd & her friend get together for some pool time

Joel Embiid wants ladies to Taste The Process

Virtual reality p0rn world gets LIT AF for the World Cup

The Bruce Maxwell (possibly) drunken tirade on cops video is out…Bruce is only MLB guy to take a knee

AHLers go HARD after winning Calder Cup

Horse jockey falls off horse, gets back on, wins the race

This Florida Man went to the police station, rubbed knives together and asked for the chief

Here’s Marina from Alabama

SEC Son of the Year Video of the Week

Burger of the Day

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