#StyleHack: How to Make Your T-Shirts Insanely Soft

Let us guess how often you wear your softest T-shirt… A lot? We knew it. Now, what if all your tees could be that comfortable? It’s not such a ludicrous suggestion with our easy at-home trick for how to soften your T-shirts. That’s right—there’s an easy way to DIY your way to a closet full of tops so soft that you’ll never want to wear anything else.

So what’s the secret to making your brand-new T-shirts feel lived in? It’s easy. All you need are water and salt (yes, really). Make a simple solution, submerge your tee, and let it soak—that’s all it takes. Once the shirt has had time to sit in the solution, wash it as you normally would and then wear away. Ready to give it a try?

Check out the exact breakdown to help you master this style hack below, and then shop T-shirts you can put to the test!

Just as an FYI, it also comes in pale pink.
You can never have enough simple closet staples.
The slight distressing adds an edgy touch. 
This tee is very ’90s-inspired. 
This tee is just asking to be worn with a denim skirt. 
This color combo would look great with vintage jeans. 
Try pairing this with a fun black midi skirt.
This retro tee would look great with slouchy jeans.
How cute would this be with kick-flare trousers?
Listen to the shirt. 
Simple but oh so cool.
What’s better than a great tee that also supports an even better cause?
This color combo is so good. 
There’s no denying it—we love Gucci. 
Everything’s more fun in pink. 
This T-shirt’s boxy fit is so cute with oversize denim cutoffs.
The ring detail adds jewelry so you don’t have to. 
The perfect tee for a weekend getaway.
So when’s our next tropical getaway?
A cool graphic tee will always be a wardrobe staple. Not into T-shirts? Wear these tops instead. This post has been updated by Aemilia Madden.

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