Surveillance Footage Shows LeBron’s LA Mural Getting Vandalized A Second Time

Kobe stans are one of a kind

— Busted College (@BustedCollege) July 8, 2018

The Kobe Bryant army has been out in full force in the streets of Venice Beach ever since this “The King Of LA” mural was put up after LeBron agreed to sign with the Lakers. The first vandalism happened after somebody offered a cool $300 bounty on Twitter to deface this thing, which led to the photo you see above. But since it was such a lazy effort, the artist who painted the mural was able to fix it easily.

Fast forward to this week and some jackass decides to step it up a notch by bringing his Home Depot paint can to really send a message. He was caught on camera dousing and ditching.

#BREAKING: This is the video of vandal defacing @KingJames mural at stroke of midnight this am in #Venice. Video from @BabyBluesBBQ surveillance cam. @Lakers @NBCLA.

— Robert Kovacik (@RobertNBCLA) July 12, 2018

This forced the original artist to just paint over the damn thing in white so these idiot Laker fans would stop ruining his work.

Good news guys, the artist who painted the Lebron Mural in LA was actually the one who painted over it (@never1959)

Now please stop saying Lakers fans don’t deserve Lebron. Most Lakers fans are glad he is a Laker

— GodZo🐐 (@GodzoBall) July 11, 2018

The problem with these morons is that the first time LeBron puts up a brain-melting 45/11/13 line at Staples Center, the whole opinion of these people going to flip on its head. Every Laker fan who was ride or die for Kobe and was willing to vandalize a mural is immediately going to be rocking #23.

It’s a goddamn painting on a wall. All of this is pointless.


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