The 2 Trends Everyone's Buying at Reformation

Reformation is a place where fashion lovers go to feel at home. The perfect floral dresses, rigid denim, and going-out tops are everything you could ask for and more (within a certain price range, that is). As of late, the retailer has started churning out more than just their bread and butter products and has begun serving up some of the most popular trends of the season. While leopard prints, neon, and plaid have taken the cake this season, this week, Reformation proved they have a few more tricks up their sleeves. 

Recently, the brand released two new print trends—Cielo and Comic. Cielo is a print is filled with bright blues and billowy clouds while Comic is exactly what you would imagine—essentially a comic book. Reformation said, “We have been seeing a lot of our ladies loving two new trend prints, the Cielo and the Comic print.” Additionally, these prints have been selling out but according to the retailer, they plan to stock up on additional styles in the new print trends soon. Ahead, shop a handful of these new print trends in silhouettes difficult to resist. 

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