The 6 Fall Trends People Are Shopping on eBay

Fashion month is a crazy time where sartorial lovers fiddle around with new trends, show off their favorite designer brands, and, most of all, share ample amounts of #content. Spotting those trends is one thing, but analyzing the data of how those trends are actually being received by consumers is another. Here to give us the inside scoop on the fall 2018 trends that actually landed this season is the senior director of fashion at eBay, Renee Paradise.

“eBay is a barometer of what’s happening in the world, and we’re constantly tracking trends in the marketplace,” Paradise said. “If there’s a significant moment or shift happening in fashion, it’s often reflected in the way people search and shop on the site.”

“With a cross body or mini bag purchased on eBay every 3 minutes, our sales uniquely reflect the cultural zeitgeist,” she added. “Shoppers know they can find whatever they happen to be coveting on eBay—whether it’s animal print and fringe for fall or cycling shorts inspired by the street style and the runways of fashion week.” Ahead, get ready to read up on the data behind the six trends that are overperforming on eBay this month and shop our picks for each.

“Biker shorts are here to stay. Nearly 110,000 cycling and biker shorts have been sold on eBay in 2018. After celebs like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski were seen wearing the trend, eBay sales for the shorts spiked with a 27% increase in less than 90 days.”
“Every day, 126 Gucci bags are sold on eBay, and Christian Dior’s Saddle Bag is a wish list item for many, and sales on eBay climbed nearly 20% from July to August after many celebs began sporting them on Instagram. Additionally, one cross-body or mini bag was sold on eBay every three minutes between August and October.”
“In the first week of October, 378 animal-print items and 511 turtlenecks were sold per day.”
“More than 2716 neon women’s apparel and accessories were sold on eBay in the last 60 days.”
“Five hot trends that shoppers were swooping up include fringe, cross-body and mini bags, embroidery, animal print, and oversize sunglasses (in the last 60 days). Straight off the runways of New York Fashion Week, eBay shoppers are gravitating toward fringe, with 20 fringe items sold per hour between August and October.”
“Looking to compare print trends? eBay Fashion saw stripes beat out polka dots by more than 18,000 items sold, and leopard print edge past snakeskin by 10,000 purchases (in the last 60 days).”

Source: Search and Sales Data on, August 2018–October 2018

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