The 7 L.A. Brands I Always Get Compliments On

Over my six-plus years at Who What Wear, I’ve shared nearly every aspect of my wardrobe, from the lingerie trend that weirdly makes me happier to how I make fast-fashion finds from places like Forever 21 look expensive. I’ve also listed the Midwest trends I’d still wear as well as the pieces I’d prefer to leave in the past. Today, I’m adding to the list and sharing the brands I wear on repeat since moving to the City of Angels. There’s a mix of new and old-school fashion brands, but they all have one thing in common: They are all based out of Los Angeles.

I thought this would be a fun way to pay tribute to my favorite L.A.-based lines and also share some of the outfits and pieces I wear and receive the most compliments on. From an eyewear line located in the heart of Venice that makes the coolest frames (at a great price, might I add) to an eco-focused brand that never fails when it comes to designing the most flattering dresses, these are a few of the Los Angeles clothing brands you can find in my closet. Read on to see how I wear the pieces and to learn a little more about each line and shop the newest pieces from the West Coast brands.

Since the brand’s launch with Revolve, Lara Pia Arrobio-Baroncini has built LPA into an extremely covetable brand with a focus on designing clothes that make women feel confident. Shop the set pictured above here, plus more of my favorites from LPA below. 
Eco-friendly brand Reformation never fails. Whether I’m shopping for a dress for a wedding or a cute new summer top, it’ll always be at the top of my list. 
When it comes to recommending affordable eyewear, Crap is my number one. The Venice-based brand stocks its site and store with the best on-trend and classic frames. The Ultra Jungle is my go-to style. I have it in about three colors at this point. 
I love introducing my friends to Cotton Citizen. Over the past couple years, it’s become one of my favorite brands for denim, T-shirts, and the best matching sweat suits. 
So Trois the Label isn’t technically out of Los Angeles, but the brand’s designer, Jennifer Humphrey, splits a chunk of her time living in the sunny city. Trois has the coolest selection of tops, dresses, and lingerie. I particularly like all the white tops Jenn designs. 
Stone Cold Fox has had a cult following for a handful of years now, and it’s no secret why the brand is so successful. The design duo behind it knows its audience to a T and has nailed how to design foxy pieces that make anyone feel completely confident. 
L.A.-based jewelry brand Bagatiba is a celeb and industry favorite. Designer Jessie Andrews keeps her minimalistic line interesting by offering updated takes on classics like gold hoops and simple chain necklaces. Shop the hoops I’m wearing below. 
Up next, shop the best new jean styles that launched this month. 

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