The Mysterious Kawhi Leonard Spotted In Las Vegas

Kawhi in Vegas with Simmons.

Him & Jonathan were close.

— Eric Salinas (@EricSal_7) July 12, 2018

Without saying a damn word, sending out a single tweet, or liking anything on social media, Kawhi Leonard has been the talk of the NBA offseason.

Why is he being so weird towards the Spurs? How bad is his quad injury? Does he really want to be a Laker? There are lots of questions, and no answers thus far. However, there is some news today… Kawhi has been spotted in Las Vegas with former teammate Jonathan Simmons (see above).

Of course, the Spurs’ top brass are also in Vegas right now for Summer League. GM RC Buford was taking in the Clippers-Wizards game on Wednesday, which could mean nothing at all, or maybe he’s scouting a potential return from the Clips. Who knows.

San Antonio #Spurs general manager RC Buford is here at the #Clippers#Wizards game at the Cox Pavilion.

— Tomer Azarly (@TomerAzarly) July 11, 2018

Since Vegas is the common denominator here, it’s worth checking in on the bookies to see where they think Kawhi will land. Oddshark updated their “Claw Odds” and tabbed the Raptors as the random new favorites. The Magic, Simmons’ team, are under the “field” at +500.

Updated odds on which team Kawhi Leonard will play for next season (@betmybookie):

Raptors EVEN
Spurs +400
Lakers +500
Clippers +600
76ers +800
Celtics +800
Bucks +1000
Knicks +1500
Cavaliers +2000
Rockets +2000
Nets +2500
Field +500

— OddsShark (@OddsShark) July 12, 2018

Also in the house for Summer League is point guard Dejounte Murray:

Instagram Photo

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