The Only Thing I Like About Horror Movies Is the Fashion

I’m a grown woman who prefers to write stories about horror movies during the daylight. Why? I scare easily. I always have. While others might suspend a little bit of disbelief when they watch a film, apparently I suspend a lot. Even Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein freaked me out the first time I watched it (I was about 11 and have since come to appreciate it). But if there’s anything I can get fully behind when it comes to a horror story, it’s the clothing.

While it’s not foolproof, focusing on the fashion in a chilling movie has distracted me (briefly) from, say, fishermen with hooks, demonic neighbors, and birds who have turned their backs on humanity. While these things continue to freak me out, I still think the films are worth revisiting just to re-create the looks. Of course, feel free to fast forward through the gore or mute the suspenseful music—the only part that won’t give you (me) nightmares is what the stars wear. Below are some of my favorite examples.

There are so many amazing Hitchcock leading ladies with wardrobes to die for, but Tippi Hedren’s performance in The Birds will forever be iconic in my eyes. And this bright green suit… Could it be any more 2018?
I don’t think I actually watched Scream until years after it came out and everyone had ruined it with all the spoilers. I still found it creepy. But I’m certainly not scared to steal this miniskirt look and clashing color palette right from Rose McGowan.
Perhaps I wouldn’t copy Aaliyah’s outfit exactly from this scene in Queen of the Damned, but if anyone can convince me that statement necklaces deserve another try, it’s her.
I won’t even lie: I haven’t seen The Shining in its entirely. I’ve watched clips on YouTube, and that’s been enough to thoroughly ruin a night’s sleep. In other news, this oversize-turtleneck-and-blazer combination on Shelley Duvall is so timeless I can imagine it on any style star today.
Like any fashion lover, I decided to watch Rosemary’s Baby after I saw the Altuzarra S/S 15 runway show, which was inspired by the horror film. It made me a little suspicious of my neighbors but confirmed Altuzarra had the right idea: Mia Farrow’s wardrobe is perfect.
Any scary movie with Eddie Murphy isn’t probably much of a scary movie at all (right up my alley), but still, Angela Bassett looks so badass in Vampires in Brooklyn. I’d like to re-create this slick head-to-toe look pronto.
Sarah Michelle Gellar was a style inspiration for me in throughout the ’00s, and this look in I Know What You Did Last Summer is yet another example. Time to bring back the miniskirts and chain belts.
Am I going to a formal affair or a Halloween party dressed like Elle Fanning in The Neon Demon? No one has to know.

Up next, take notes on the best style advice and insights from some of the coolest fashion models over 50.

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