These 20 Bandanas Are About to Totally Transform Your Summer Wardrobe

When you’re searching for that key summer accessory, look no further than the bandana. Drawing inspiration from the cowboys of the Wild West, we’ve adapted this neckerchief and taken it on as our own, incorporating it into nearly every summer look we have. These bandanas are nothing like you remember from the Western films of your childhood. They’re super cute and ready to be added to your summer wardrobe just as fast as you can get one into your hands. What’s more is that whether you choose a classic red paisley print or something a little more modern, there are so many ways to style it that you’ll never get bored with the classic.

We’re taking our cute bandanas and tying them in triangles around our necks like the cowboys did, rolling them up and fashioning them like necklaces, and tying the same configuration around our heads like a headband. We’ve even taken to fastening a bandana or two around our wrists, handbags, and the like for a little extra head-turning flair. No matter how you wear yours, it’s an investment worth making—whether you grab a $1 version at your local flea market or splurge on the couture take on the cute bandana trend. Shop our favorites right here just in time for summer.

Are you a fan of classic paisley? Or are you planning to go rogue with one of the more fashion-forward options? With one in each hand, you certainly can’t go wrong.

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