These Sneakers Have Anna Wintour's Literal Stamp of Approval on Them

Even if you don’t know much about basketball (this editor is guilty as charged), you won’t be disappointed by Anna Wintour’s precise free throw skills in the video just released by Vogue. No, Wintour hasn’t had a change of heart as far as careers go—although it seems as though she has the talent for it—but instead, the film is to reveal a Nike collaboration with Wintour’s stamp of approval literally right on the design.

As Vogue reports today, the fashion publication and Nike have teamed together for the release of two styles that feature the phrase everyone who’s ever worked for Wintour will recognize, AWOK, stamped on the sole. In the video itself, you can see the red, zippered Air Jordan 1s on the editor in chief’s feet as she makes basket after basket from the comfort of her desk at One World Trade Center (our favorite moment). The collab will also include a pair of Air Jordan 3 SE that will honor Wintour’s penchant for Chanel’s iconic tweed suit.

Scroll down to take a peek at the Air Jordan 1s and Air Jordan 3 SE designs, set to release later this month and in September, respectively. But more importantly, scroll to watch Wintour’s Lebron-level skills.

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