This $4 Accessory Is Crazy-Popular on Pinterest Right Now

You know the feeling when you open your closet doors and sigh at the fact you have nothing to wear, even though your hanging rods are likely full with delights? We all fall out of love with our existing wares from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you should start frivolously spending. Sometimes, all it takes is a small addition to your outfit to make even your oldest clothes feel fresh again. Well, we think we’ve found just the thing.

This burgundy shade will look gorgeous set against blonde hair. 
The hues, the print, the satin finish… This scarf looks as if it could be vintage, and it probably will be by the time you tire of it.
Ensure you stand out with a graphic motif in striking black and white.
Just think how pretty this will look woven between darker tresses.
Another way to channel your stripe obsession.
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more frugal accessory that has so much styling potential.
It’s not just skirts and tops that have been given the satin treatment this season.
Gucci’s accessory reign continues with a plethora of pretty scarves—this floral offering being one of our faves.
Still saving up for a Rixo dress? Get a quick fix with one of its gorgeous hair scarves.
UO has made styling your hair scarf even easier by sewing in a handy scrunchy to boot.
Easily the coolest print we found on our search. Consider this Valentino beauty a lifetime investment.

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. Next up, find out the surprising fashion item people are buying less of right now.

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