This Earring Trend Is Practically Dripping in Pretty

No matter what, there are some trends that will always look good—regardless of when and where you are. That being said, the upcoming holiday season couldn’t be a better time to add crystal drop earrings to our jewelry boxes. Sparkly, head-turning, and timeless, this is one earring style that every woman should have on hand, especially when there are more than a few holiday parties to look forward to.

Sure, there are the classic minimalist jewelry pieces that we all know and love, but whenever we see a pair of these glittering baubles, we just can’t help ourselves. Because let’s be honest—who doesn’t want to wear jewelry that’s literally dripping in pretty? Style them with all the party dresses you’re planning to wear this winter, or get a little extra and wear them with a pair of jeans and a tee for a weekend afternoon (our favorite look, to be honest). Below, check out the best drop earrings to wear for any occasion, and while you’re at it, get yourself a pair of matching shoes, too.

These are so cool.
Everyone will love these.
Make a statement with these.
You’ll never get tired of these. 
This will make a statement.
Wear these with anything.
Simple and chic.
We love these vintage-inspired earrings.
A little color never hurt anyone.
Simply classic.
Wear these for special occasions.
Rose gold will never get old.
These will look good with anything.
How fun are these?
So beautiful.
These are just too good.
We can’t complain about the price.
We never met a geometric shape we didn’t love.

Wear these at any given moment. Go ahead—we won’t stop you.

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