This Is Hands Down the Most Comfortable Bra I've Ever Worn

Up until a few weeks ago, I was convinced that a truly comfortable bra was a wardrobe myth. Despite so many hyperenthusiastic reviews of customers finding the “most comfortable bra ever”, I just didn’t believe that wearing anything more supportive than a dainty bralette could be genuinely enjoyable. Yes, I’m talking about finding a bra that I’m downright happy to put on every day. For so long I just accepted that I had to choose between wearing a classic padded bra for Monday through Friday or just boldly going braless (which is what my old bras made me want to do as soon as the weekend hit).

That all changed when I made my last lingerie purchase, the most comfortable underwire bra I’ve ever tried on. I actually discovered the Silky Demi Bra from independent lingerie brand Negative Underwear via an advertisement in my Instagram feed (what a 2018 way to shop, go figure). The instant I tried it on, I knew it would change how I thought about my whole bra collection. I honestly couldn’t get over how lightweight it is and I found out from the brand’s co-founders exactly why that is. “When we set out to search for fabrics, we fell in love with this incredibly soft nylon that’s double-lined in our bras,” co-founder Marissa Vosper told me. “The reason it feels lighter than light is that it’s used on a very fine needle.”

Co-founder Lauren Schwab also weighed in on why she and Marissa set out to create Negative Underwear, she noted that “most women say they have 15 bras but they only wear 1 or 2, so we wanted to create a product that was really your go-to.” Though we spoke over the phone, I couldn’t help but nod along vigorously to everything the two of them were saying.

I’m not alone, though. After raving about my new bra to my best friend, as I do with most of my exciting purchases, she kind of also freaked out over the fact that it was hands down the most comfortable underwire bra she’s ever worn, but also surprisingly supportive despite being so light. And since we both have pretty different cup sizes, I think that says a lot. There must be a reason why the brand grew 150% in 2015 and completely sold out of their best sellers just a few years after they launched.

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While Negative Underwear certainly has a thing or two figured out when it comes to comfortable bras that are still supportive, I think I cracked to the code to finding bras anywhere that pass my “light as air” test. Basically, it needs to feature the following two things: having underwire, so it’s legitimately supportive, and being unlined or unpadded, so it’s super lightweight. Whether made from mesh, like my bra is or from pretty lace or classic nylon, there are options for every kind of lingerie drawer.

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