This Is the Easiest Way to Keep Your Sunglasses Organized

Sunglasses are a key accessory when it comes to transitioning from season to season. But despite having a pair for just about any occasion, there’s nothing more stressful than not being able to find the exact shades you’re looking for. So why not invest in a sunglass organizer?

Instead of leaving your frames strewn everywhere from the top of your dresser to the inside of your purse, a simple organizer will keep your shades all in one place. So when you’re heading out, you can grab your favorite pair without a second thought.

If you know the joy that comes with a beautifully arranged closet, you’ll know too that having something to hold all your smaller pieces, sunglasses included, is just as important as having something to hold your boots and sweaters. To help you jump-start your cleanup, we rounded up our favorite ways to keep your eyewear neat and tidy. Then shop some of our favorite stylish sunglasses to fill your new organizer.

An over-the-door shoe organizer is a perfect catchall for any smaller items you have, from sandals to sunglasses. You’ll be able to keep everything neatly separated.
A clear drawer set will allow you to see all your sunglasses to find the perfect pair for your outfit.
Built with a bridge, your glasses will be kept in line without the worry of them sliding everywhere in this box.
A glass box is the prettiest way to store your sunglasses with a few of your other accessories, such as jewelry.
Clear boxes will let you to easily see what’s inside. Keep the sunglasses you wear less frequently in these to maintain their condition.
These cat-eye sunglasses are an editor favorite.
Covry designs sunglasses made specifically for those who have less prominent nose bridges.
Tinted lenses are the perfect summer trend.
These are so pretty.
If you love the ’70s vibe happening right now, these are for you.
Have you dipped into the skinny sunglass trend yet?
We’re loving these round sunglasses for something a little unexpected but still classic.
You can’t go wrong with classic tortoiseshell frames.
You’ll want to wear these all summer long.
This silhouette will never go out of style.
You’ll look chic no matter what the occasion.

Keep these sunglasses organized in these simple ways and you’ll always be able to find your favorite pair for your next day out.

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