Tori Hughes Will Ruin Your Thursday, Bron Bron: Back Off Allie LaForce & Calipari Enjoys Quiet Time At Dunkin Donuts

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76ers at Heat….emotions will be high there….Blazers-Pelicans…and then Warriors-Spurs. You’ll also get more day baseball in Detroit. The sun is out and it’s not going to be in the 30s so baseball in the D should be LIT AF at 1 ET on MLB. You’ll also get the Texas Open and NHL. Solid day of action on tap.

Your boss is going to fall in love with Tori Hughes…show him her IG

Bron sets record straight, wants you to back off Allie LaForce

John Calipari enjoying alone time at Dunkin Donuts

There’s now a Caddyshack restaurant owned by the Murray brothers

Cardinals call up Canadian who squats 600 lbs & will make Gabe Kapler sweat

She might want to center up that live shot

Florida Woman gets into political fight w/husband, ends up getting disorderly intox charge

Here’s Tori from SDSU

Perfect Golf Form Video of the Week

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Burger of the Day

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