Trust Me, Buy These 27 Things 

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for our weekly installment of new arrivals, however, today we’re doing something a little different. Yes, I’ll still be sharing some of my favorite fashion pieces as of late, but this time, we’re giving it more of a personal spin, with the items I’ve not just been loving on the web but IRL too. With a little help from my new shopping-focused Instagram account, @trustmebuythis, where I share my own snaps of items I’m into at the moment, I’m making this week’s post a little more personal. Some common themes to expect? Shoes, jeans, jewelry—just some of the things I hoard— and of course a mix of high-end investment pieces as well as budget-friendly steals I think you’ll love.

I’m obsessed with everything about this top from the color to the peek-a-boo front to the slight shine. It also pairs perfectly with my new light-wash Levi’s wedgie jeans. Countdown to spring!
I’ve had my eyes on Danse Lente’s sculptural bags for a while and am thrilled to finally own one. Paired here with my latest go-to turtleneck from Hanro in black.
I wear my Air Maxx any day I can get away with sneakers lately. Sadly this exact color is sold out, but there are plenty of other amazing options still available. 
Unless I swap them out for a statement earring or bigger hoop, these are on my ears 24/7, including when I sleep and shower! 
Fun-fact: I always buy T-shirts at concerts, and this is a men’s one that I got at a Jay-Z show recently. You’ll also notice this pendant necklace in a lot of photos. It’s from Ariel Gordon and another piece I rarely take off. Fun-fact #2: It has my name engraved on one side and my husband’s on the other.
My first real winter in New York meant a lot of searching for cold-weather boots. I love these because they are fur-lined on the inside and have a high platform that keeps you from ruining your shoes in light snow or puddles.
My Super Puff from Aritzia is also part of Team Keep Nicole From Freezing. This shiny style is no longer available but a lot of other colors still are! 
These velvet heels were definitely a splurge, but worth it for the pure joy they give me. How beautiful are they?! 
These affordable earrings from Dylan Rose Jewelry not only get me tons of compliments but are super lightweight so I can wear them all day.
Another boot I’m loving right now is this black suede style from M.Gemi. The heel height is perfect for wearing all day into night without your feet killing you.
Two things I can’t live without are jeans and mini bags, and this picture captures both. The jeans are another wash of the Levi’s wedgie, and the bag is an older Mark Cross style. 
These boots are what I have worn on almost every night out since winter began. The velvet is more durable than suede or leather, so I don’t have to worry about them getting ruined, and the thick heel is comfortable for wearing into the night. By far one of my best sale buys yet.
My New Year’s Eve outfit brought to you by the cutest PJ brand, Sleeper. Paired with my go-to block heeled sandals from Hermes.
A couple newer additions to my jewelry box are this pretty Vrai and Oro rose pendant necklace and this Sarah Chloe signet ring that has my (new) last initial on it. You can’t tell from this photo, but they’re both quite tiny! 
I call these white boots Eye Candy because despite lusting over them for months, I have yet to pull the trigger and buy them, especially now that there’s snow on the ground in NY. Come spring, however, they will definitely be mine.
This Hayward bag is not only (obviously) beautiful, but it’s perfect for travel, too. When there’s nothing in it it becomes completely flat, so it takes up minimal suitcase space.
Another great sale find I bought this year was this white top from Frame. It’s the quintessential throw-on-with-jeans blouse.
I’ve owned these amazing Re/Done jeans for a couple years now, but have had the boots for even longer. Going on almost five years, they’re still being made, never go on sale, and have yet to be topped by any other black leather boot in my wardrobe. 
Until the sun comes back, I’ll be wearing these Balenciaga satin slides just as you see above: with glitter socks. My go-to place for buying them is Topshop! 

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