Turns Out There's a Topshop Dress for Every Summer Occasion

Is your Google Cal already filled to the brim with a slew of summer activities? (Weddings, birthdays, brunches, beach days, we’re looking at you.) With so many warm-weather occasions ahead, finding a suitable summer outfit for every event can feel overwhelming. The simple solution: stylish summer dresses.

For this, we turn to our trusty retailer Topshop, which has a chic frock for every occasion. Moreover, it’s affordable (which means more spending money for a summer weekend getaway!). But you’ll need a dress for that. So we’ve rounded up our five current favorites we can’t wait to wear from Topshop. From your 9-to-5 to your beach vacation and something for those upcoming wedding invites, shop our top picks below. Now you’ll be able to navigate all your summer events in style.

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