UCF Unveiled National Championship Banner At Their Stadium And Actually Gave Players Rings

If you thought UCF playing up the whole National Champion thing was some sort gimmick or a joke, you are sorely mistaken, my friend. Not only are they continuing to claim the 2017 championship – which is one of my favorite things about college football, just claim shit and nobody really does anything about it – but they’re going all out with it. They are taking this shit VERY seriously, even though we all watched Saban and Bama win another title in January.

The Knights had their spring game yesterday, so naturally they would honor the previous year’s undefeated team. It started with an actual unveiling of a “2017 National Champions” banner/sign at their stadium. It ended with them giving their players rings. Rings!

They’ve gone so far with this now that I actually have come around and respect it. Just keep telling everyone you’re the champs, do the banner and ring thing, and eventually people will get tiring of arguing about it and just let them have it.

These are legit rings, too. I could’ve definitely seen a scenario where they get some knockoff rings and got roasted by the internet. But are actually very nice.

Also, this was from earlier in the week…like I said, they’re all in on this

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