UFC Contender Series 8-Second Knockout Seemed Like Premature Stoppage

Let’s go to the Alonzo Menifield vs. Dashawn Boatwright match Tuesday night on UFC Fight Pass/Stadium and see how these two tough guys battle it out in a 205-lb. matchup. ANNNNNNNDDDDD IT’S ALL OVERRRRR. Yeah, Menifield ended that one rather quickly….8 seconds!

There’s quite a bit going on here that needs to be addressed:

• Doesn’t it look like Boatwright’s kick got him off balance and that wasn’t a punch that dropped him?

• There were definitely multiple lefts that landed on Boatwright but he wasn’t knocked out

• I get that he has to defend himself, but I need to see a guy legitimately get knocked out cold before that fight should’ve been stopped

• Menifield needs to work on his flips, but I won’t say it to his face

Dashawn promises he’ll be back:

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