Watch George Dubya Heckle Himself During The Rangers Mascot Race

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Every year when summer rolls around we can count on Dubya making an appearance at a baseball game. All this man loves is freedom and baseball and apparently content, because everytime he shows up at one of these games he instantly becomes a damn content machine. Nobody has enjoyed not being president more than this man. Just crushing life.

Remember last year when he photobombed this reporter?

Well, he’s baaaack. This time he let the reporters be and decided to take aim at his own mascot, who was sandbagging hard down the stretch of this between-inning race. He was staring a third-place finish in the face coming around that final turn, which is something you just can’t have when the human version is sitting 20-feet away. You can’t let your own mascot take an L when you’re in the building.

Luckily, Nolan Ryan and Sam Houston got distracted (as these big-headed buffoons tend to do), and Dubya made sure to do a little coaching from his seat which undoubtedly helped propel 43 to the victory.


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