We Want to Know: What Clothing Makes You Feel Fearless?

Hey, you. Yes, you, stylish Who What Wear reader. Let us guess: You read our site on the regular and maybe you even shop our Who What Wear collection at Target, too. Well, now is your chance to be featured in a story on our site. Last month, we were seriously inspired by how our readers are embracing a body-positive approach to dressing. For the month of June, we’re turning our lens on why fashion allows us to feel fearless. We’ll be highlighting leaders who’ve blazed their own trail in the industry and brands that are shaking things up. And we’re dying to know, what clothing makes you feel fearless?

Is it a certain statement top? A killer pair of heels? Which pieces make you feel able to take on anything that comes your way every single time you put them on?

For me, it’s my leather moto jacket that I’m wearing below. It’s got a heavier weight to it with just the right amount of hardware, so it feels quite durable. I think of it as my shield—I’m totally invincible every time I put it on. In the three years that I’ve owned it, I get a compliment about it every other time I’m wearing it. Without fail.

Ready to share your fearless item? Email the following to

1. Your full name and hometown.

2. An outfit photo of you wearing the item(s) that make(s) you feel fearless.

3. Provide two to four sentences explaining why the clothing you picked makes you feel fearless.

4. Where did you originally purchase each item, and how long have you had it?

5. How often do you wear it? On which occasions?

BRB, we’ll be waiting patiently to see which pieces you share.

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