We Went Hunting for All the Clues on Rihanna's Possible Lingerie Line

In the most technical terms, Rihanna has not officially confirmed that she has an upcoming lingerie collection in the works. However, many signs point to yes. The rumors began last month when WWD reported that she had signed a deal with TechStyle Fashion Group (the company responsible for brands like ShoeDazzle and Fabletics). Then the cryptic Instagram messages began. Bad Gal herself shared images earlier this week on her IG Stories that hinted something big was about to release. Then as of yesterday, accounts for a mysterious Savage x Fenty were verified by Twitter and Instagram.

So while Rihanna’s letting us hang for a bit, we know something is certainly in the works for the songstress-turned-designer-turned-beauty-mogul. And because it’s hard to just sit back and wait, we’re starting to piece the clues together as well.

In anticipation, we searched around for any more hints—not only of possible confirmation that Rihanna’s lingerie designs are on their way but also what we might expect when it gets here. We’ll admit: RiRi can still throw us for a curveball, but in the meantime, feel free to play detective with us.

For starters, the below is pretty much all Rihanna has had to say about the possibility of an upcoming new project. Clearly, a silhouette of a bra is what’s most visible in both posts. So…

As said, Rihanna can still completely surprise us with a release we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Although, after digger deep, we’re kind of hoping she stays somewhere in this range.

Weigh in below and let us know if there are any major hints we’re still missing. And here’s hoping that RiRi puts an end to our guessing game soon.

The followers of Savage x Fenty are climbing, as is anticipation for, well, whatever it is Rihanna is doing next. And the verified accounts have only engaged with a few tweets thus far, specifically by throwing “likes” for all the messages below.

We have no doubt that Rihanna is fully equipped to design a very pretty and provocative lingerie line, but if you think it’s the kind of stuff you’d only wear inside or for your S.O., then you haven’t been paying attention to Rihanna’s street style.

It’s more of a hunch, but gathering from Rihanna’s Coachella look last weekend, a photo she shared on IG Stories yesterday, and her penchant for barely there fabrics, we’re thinking her designs may go heavy on the delicate, peek-a-boo materials.

We can’t overlook the massive success of Fenty Beauty. And one of the major reasons it has been praised is for its ability to speak to and service every woman. We suspect, and honestly, we really hope, that Rihanna’s next venture will take an approach that’s just as inclusive.

While the Fenty designer never specifically included intimates in her past ready-to-wear collections that she’s presented at New York and Paris Fashion Week, every season had some kind of lingerie design, be it a triangle bra, a lacy corset, or a mesh bodysuit. To imagine that she’d expand into a full intimates collection is not so far-fetched.

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