$50 Dunkin’ Gift Give Giveaway

$50 Dunkin’ Gift Give Giveaway! I’m a Dunkin’ GIRL! I love me some coffee and donuts. I actually joked recently on Facebook, but I love my personal Dunkin’ so much that when I go in – everyone knows my order already! It’s a feel good feeling for me! I just love it there – and if I can’t get to my Dunkin’ – I’m making it at home! Either way – MY day starts with Dunkin’!

It’s so cold in Rhode Island right now – so I thought it would be fun to gift you with something that I love – DUNKIN’! Grab a warm coffee, hot cocoa, latte, espresso… anything yummy and warm!

Or if you prefer iced drinks (like my mom year round!) enjoy a fabulous beverage on me, too!

Dunkin' Giveaway

$50 should set you for a couple of weeks… !! I hope you enjoy your Dunkin’ as much as I love mine!

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