7 Style Tips That Will Make You More Confident in Your Career

Having confidence in life is a complicated, delicate thing that’s dependent on many factors. If you think about it, a large majority of our lives are spent at work, so confidence in one’s career is, understandably, of the utmost importance. There’s plenty that’s beyond our control when it comes to our careers, but something that we have complete control over is how we present ourselves, and that can have a huge impact on our confidence at work (and in life).

The number one way to build confidence in your career is to stay true to your personal style, but there are also things that you can add to your wardrobe and style rules to follow when you need that extra confidence boost. So, scroll on to see how it’s done (via seven particularly stylish members of the fashion crowd) and shop the confidence-boosting pieces you’ll need.

Your heart may tell you to buy the brightly colored or fun plaid blazer, but the basic black blazer is the one you’ll want to wear whenever you have an important meeting or interview—or just don’t know what to wear on any particular day.
Jeans are great. We love jeans. But if you want to look like your most professional self, wear trousers instead.
A work bag that holds all of your stuff and looks polished while it’s at it will go a long way in tying your look together.
Red is a proven confidence booster, so pile it on.
Although you may not always be able to see the difference between cheap heels and luxury ones, you can certainly feel it. Do yourself a favor and save up for a great pair that you’ll wear to work on a weekly basis.
Uniform dressing isn’t for everyone, but if you have a go-to outfit for those days when you “have nothing to wear,” you can focus your attention on other aspects of your career instead of worrying about your outfit.
Some brands just do work-appropriate clothes really well. Find the ones that suit your body and your budget the best, and stick to them.

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