Alexis Ren Ready For Stuffing & White Meat, Phillip Lindsay Lives At Home & Corso Anniversary

I hope you’ve cleared your schedule for tonight’s Chiefs at Rams game. Clear it out. Tell your wife or girlfriend you need silence. No Thanksgiving scheduling during tonight’s game. No questions about Christmas gift ideas. Those of you who have the week off are in luck. You’ll get Auburn-Xavier day time college basketball action tipping at 2:30. And then you’ll get Duke-San Diego State at 4:30.

Alexis Ren one time during the holiday week

The guy with ’69’ tatted on his face in big time racketeering trouble, in federal custody

Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay is living at home…his parents home

Redskins are bringing in these QBs to test for roster spot after Alex Smith broken leg

7 years ago today Lee Corso had one of his all-time best moments

This Florida Woman accused of telling her boyfriend ‘I am gonna skin you like a fish’

Local TV weather guys get into a beef about weather on social media

Here’s Ali Bologna from Michigan

You Forget How Great Creed Was Back In 2001 Video of the Week

Creed performed at Cowboy Stadium in 2001, and to this day it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. You cannot medically prepare yourself for what happens 9 seconds into this clip

— CPAC Chopra (@steak_ham) November 18, 2018

Cheeseburger of the Day

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