Bama Fan Wants All The Money Up In This Gas Station’s Cash Register

via Mobile Police Department

Have you seen this dirtbag Alabama fan? He’s wanted for attempted murder during a July 31 robbery in Mobile and cops are in a race to get this piece of garbage off the streets before anyone else gets hurt. Someone has seen that Alabama hat being worn around town by a guy with that tattoo. He might be in Florida by now, but someone should be able to identify that guy.


Mobile police have released new information they hope will help identify a man who shot three people during a July 31 gas station robbery.

Video previously showed the robbery, which took place around 11:30 p.m. at the Chevron station at 139 S. Sage Ave. The crime has drawn heavy attention for the disregard for life shown in the video, in which the robbery can be seen shooting two people, one of them twice. Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste previously described it as “one of the most cold crimes in this community in the last 5-10 years.”

Put this guy’s ass in jail for the college football season and longer. Get in touch with the Mobile police department and turn on your guy. Do the right thing.

via Mobile Police Department

via Mobile Police Department

via Mobile Police Department

There’s a church right across the street. This Bama man could use some god in his life:

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