Fashion Girls Still Wear These Flats With Jeans—5 Outfits to Prove It

Loafers are one of those shoe silhouettes that have basically been around, well, forever. As a result, people everywhere have considered them to be a top wardrobe staple for years. The fashion crowd, in particular, have cemented the style as a must-have over the last few seasons with the rise old-school, classic loafers (e.g., those famous Gucci styles and the like).

While the fashion crew wears their loafers in a variety of ways, it seems the majority still style them with another closet staple—jeans. Yep, that’s right. After scrolling through Instagram recently, we realized that if a fashion person is wearing loafers, they’re almost always paired with denim. To show you what we mean, we’re highlighting five of these loafers-and-jeans combinations below. To take it one step further, we also shopped out each look if you’re going to invest in a new go-to outfit.

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