Found: Little Black Dresses You Can Wear In (and Out) of the Office

Office dressing: It’s a confusing, often frustrating realm to navigate. And if you work in a setting with a very strict dress code, the question “Is this office appropriate?” may follow you everywhere—through a shopping trip, as you get ready, and even as you walk into the office. It’s the uncertainty that sometimes forces us to fall back on some of the classic, tried-and-true office staples—a sheath dress, a blazer-and-trouser combo, or a button-down–and–pencil skirt pairing, for example. And while these options are always great, it is possible to test out other options. That’s why today we decided to highlight timeless little black dresses that are (wait for it!) also office appropriate.

When shopping for work dresses, make sure the piece meets all of the criteria: Is it the proper length? And how about the neckline—is it too low? If yes, toss it; if no, consider its overall feel. Does it have that much-needed air of professionalism, or is it too casual? And last but not least, evaluate the silhouette. For the little black dresses we picked, we made sure the cut was streamlined and refined—nothing too puffy or relaxed. And even though we picked the best LBDs for the office, they’re certainly not just limited to that. Wear the below picks out and about—just swap your power pumps for a pair of casual sneakers.

Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes S to L.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes UK6 to UK18.
Available in sizes XS to S.
Available in sizes 10 to 18.
Available in sizes 0 to 6.
Available in size UK6.
Available in sizes 00 to 12.
Available in sizes UK10 to UK16.
Available in size 8.
Available in sizes FR36 to FR42.
Available in sizes 10 to 18.
Available in sizes UK6 and UK14.
Available in sizes IT40 and IT44.
Available in size 4.
Available in sizes 2 to 14.
Available in sizes FR34 to FR36.
Available in sizes 2 to 4.

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