How to Dress at the Airport This Winter: 7 Celebs Who Make It Look Easy

If we’re being honest, figuring out what to wear to the airport during the winter is really confusing. Whether you’re leaving one cold place and are heading to another cold place or are jet-setting to the deserved warm-weather vacation of your dreams, the fact of the matter is that planes aren’t cold inside (well, okay, relatively speaking). So, again, we find ourselves confused about what to wear on our way to the airport, during the flight, and after. Somehow you’re sweating, freezing, or both within hours of each other. Yeah, it’s pretty much just an all-around mess.

However, there are a handful of people who somehow always manage to get winter airport outfit dressing just right, and that’s celebrities. Considering just how much the women ahead travel on a regular basis, it should come as no surprise that they know how to dress for a flight. Ahead, check out the recent winter airport outfits celebs like Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, and Heidi Klum have worn that actually make sense.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing your winter accessories on the plane. Considering how small something like a beanie is, we’re fairly certain you’ll find room to stow it somewhere in the seat compartment in front of you. A leather trench and cozy joggers make this look feel sleek yet practical for a winter airport appearance.
Just because you’re getting on a plane doesn’t mean you have to wear boring clothing. Instead of packing that statement coat in your suitcase, wear it while you’re en route and be the most eye-catching thing on your flight. Your seatmates will (or should) thank you.
While we definitely advise against wearing rigid denim on a flight, for obvious reasons, we never said anything about rigid denim in a boyfriend jean silhouette. With a wide-enough leg, jeans of any kind can feel like your comfiest sweatpants. Top the look with a simple sweater and you’re ready to travel.
Wear your coziest cardigan (which is probably the one that would take up the most room in your suitcase) as a top. Pair it with black jeans that have a little stretch and black ankle boots. You’re welcome for this no-brainer winter outfit idea. 
Want to wear pajamas but feel weird doing it on a plane? Try a knit matching set instead. This outfit has the feel of pajamas but looks like it just came off the runway. Again, you’re welcome. 
This trick is one that’s tried and true—wear your biggest coat on the plane so you don’t have to pack it. Plus, whether you’re leaving somewhere cold or landing somewhere cold, you’ll be able to adapt to your winter surroundings without digging through all your bags. 
If you’re not a “leggings as pants” kind of girl, try pairing the athleisure staple with a bigger statement jacket and a graphic T-shirt. Sneakers and sleek accessories will help give you the feeling that you are, in fact, wearing a real outfit. 
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