I've Worn This Outfit for 10 Years, and It Will Never Go Out of Style

Let’s just get straight to the point. I’m one of those fashion editors who live in all black. Call it cliché or boring, but the look is just, well, me. In fact, I’ve more or less worn the same uniform for the last 10 years—black jeans, some sort of top, a leather jacket, and boots or sneakers. Yes, of course I’m all about experimenting with new trends and pushing the boundaries, but a simple all-black look just works for me. In my opinion, it’s effortless, sleek, and will always be in style.

And you know what? Other fashion peeps are also on my level. You can think back to those classic all-black Audrey Hepburn looks all the way to now, with It girls taking to IG to highlight all-black ’fits on the regular. To that, I decided to showcase some of my favorite ensembles below to convince you further that the all-black uniform will always be in. And if you go a bit further, I shopped out some of the coolest black pieces of the moment as well.

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