Meet Alysha Aratari – Instagram Fisherman

Think I’ve officially found a new niche for BC and the readers who constantly demand evolution with the site. We’ve now crossed over into an Instagram fisherman series where we profile the ladies who are out there slaying the salt water fish and are usually in a bikini doing it because that’s how Instagram rolls. IG models aren’t out there slaying mahi in Lulumon.

Yesterday we met Cami Mantilla and it took like 10 minutes and a BC reader was sliding into the DMs to tell me that Alysha Aratari was an Instagram fisherman that is creating buzz on the social site.

Alysha, who lists the Florida Keys as her location, writes on her IG bio: “life by the ocean is different , we live by the currents, plan by the tides & follow the sun(.)”

In her latest fishing expedition, Alysha was off the shores of Jupiter working as a deckhand and getting lines wet. I’m going to depend on you guys to point out if you have a favorite IG fisherman. Let me know. All the DMs are wide open. Slide on in and say something.

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