Oh, So This Is How Celebs Dress Up Leggings in 2019

When you think of the ideal legging outfit, ensembles featuring sweatshirts and sneakers probably come to mind. After all, the whole point of wearing the stretchy pants is to be comfortable, and those coordinating athleisure staples help lean into that overall chill vibe. But actually, more and more people—especially celebrities—are wearing leggings as almost a skinny-jean replacement for their dressed-up vibes.

That’s right, A-listers from Victoria Beckham to Kate Moss are pairing their leggings with blazers and ankle boots. TBH, I was kind of stunned to see this as a new It-girl uniform. But hey, how could you not be into an ensemble that’s comfortable and sophisticated? Exactly. So with that, I’m showcasing how five celebs are elevating their leggings right now. Plus, I’m shopping the must-have staples to achieve each look as well.

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